Vietnamese-German Library Awarded as Best Green Libraries 2023 by IFLA

Vietnamese-German University Library has just got great news from IFLA (International Federal of Library Associations and Institutions) that we are selected for the Best Green Libraries Award 2023 ( We are honored to be one of the three outstanding libraries that have been shortlisted for this prestigious award. We are invited to share our salient achievements for green initiatives at World Library and Information Congress 2023 at Rotterdam, Netherlands for inspiring other libraries in the world and disseminating our values to environmental awareness and protection. This nomination is a rewarding consequence for our long journey of adapting the green approach since 2018. It is the great dedication and commitment of not only whole GREEN Inspiration Team, VGU community but also the great endeavors of VGU Library Team who has the passion for making the library inspiring and great place for study, research and community engagement.

VGU New Library

Particularly, Vietnamese-German University Library is committed to implementing multifaceted initiatives for sustainable development. Recognizing the importance of integrating environmental policies into the library practices, the library director co-founded the GREEN Inspiration group and appointed the green library team. The projects and campaigns initiated by these groups have made remarkable changes and impact to the VGU community by spreading awareness around sustainability locally and internationally. We also play our vital roles in inspiring actions and awareness to the environment via our library collections, services, shared space and facilities, user education programs, green knowledge sharing, media presence promotion, and via sustainability practices in the library.

Our scope of green practices emphasizes on the implementation of physical, economic, social and environmental sustainability, addressing a number of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs, UN), including SDG 5, SDG 6, SDG 10, SDG 11, SDG 17. Our inclusive library for sustainable development is as a pioneering initiative in Vietnam, committed to innovative ideas on green resource use (paper, water, electricity) following the 3R’s Initiative “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle”; green accessibility and green shared economy (approachability of services, information resources, physical space, facilities, eco-commute); green energy and resource (energy conservation, wastewater reuse and water use reduction, paperless); green library team and green office (all committed team for sustainability, green trees and sustainability at every library corner)

Not turning on the lights as we can use natural sunlight from the glass wall

The 6 GREEN Policy (Green Use, Green Resource, Green Bin, Green Donation, Green Office, Green Knowledge Sharing), which was established by the GREEN Inspiration group, and our Library Green Office Principles are also aligned with these innovative focuses. For long term sustainability, VGU Library and GREEN Inspiration have the plan to conduct a number of programs, including reducing plastic consumption, minimizing online shopping for over-packaging, planting more green trees around the library and campus, effectively implementing Centralized Management System for reducing energy and resource use, more renewable solar energy installation, as well as engaging community outreach for green donation and green activities addressing inclusive and innovative library.

We will continue to work towards creating a greener and more sustainable future through our inclusive library initiatives. We believe that libraries play a crucial role in promoting environmental awareness, fostering a love for nature, and inspiring sustainable practices in our community.

Source: VGU