Co-workshop on Inclusive Libraries for Sustainable Development and VGU-Chula Libraries Exchange

Library sustainable development is one of the strategic plans of any university in Vietnam in particular and the world as a whole. Recognizing the importance of sustainable development for libraries, Vietnamese-German University (VGU) Library has approached Green Library since 2018 and gradually had comprehensive development according to the design for the new library, in addition to learning from Chulalongkorn University model for Green Library and Green Office, sustainable criteria from IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions), and Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs from UN. As results achieved, VGU Library cooperates with Chula University Library to organise a co-workshop on the topic “Inclusive Libraries for Sustainable Development” to disseminate this Green approach and inspire other institutions for learning from these selected standards.

During the workshop, we discussed a range of topics related to sustainability in libraries, including Green Library and Green Office standards, policies, and leadership, as well as innovative approaches to sustainable development. We also explored case studies, shared best practices, and had productive conversations about how libraries can contribute to THE Impact Rankings and engage in SDGs.

Our workshop had ended with good feedback from participants. We would like to express our sincerest thanks to all participants for their active participation and energic engagement. We hope that they found the event informative, engaging, and useful to apply for their library development.

We were impressed by the enthusiasm, knowledge, and creativity of everyone who participated in the workshop, and we feel inspired by the ideas and insights that emerged from our discussions. We believe that by working together, we can create more inclusive, sustainable, and impactful libraries that benefit our communities and our planet.

Apart from your co-workshop was the professional exchange between VGU and Chula libraries, as well as professional visits to other Vietnamese libraries. Enriching our expertise and updating advancements in the library field on technologies, inclusive services, organisation, leadership and much more are emerging and rewarding for all library professions in the exchange program. Learning by stepping beyond the comfort work zone is a stunning choice for us to develop our knowledge and skills.

The workshop and professional exchange are not their end. We look forward to continuing the conversation and collaboration for library sustainable development in the future.

Some workshop photos for the date: