The library is the heart of the University and well-equipped with modern facilities and innovative services. It aims at making the best environment for learning, teaching and research. Therefore, the library provides diverse facilities to meet every users’ needs, including:

Floor 1 (Ground floor)
  1. Information desk
  2. 24/7 Book return
  3. UniShop
  4. Café
  5. Student lounge
  6. Medical room
  7. Training room
Floor 2
  1. OneStop Service desk
  2. Selfcheck machine
  3. Book shower
  4. Smart lockers
  5. Kiosk Express search
  6. One Computer room with 50 networked computers
  7. Four Groupwork rooms
  8. Print-Scopy-Scan zones
  9. One Reading theatre
  10. Longue and Express zone
  11. Cozy zone
  12. Chat n’ Chill corner
  13. Reading areas
  14. Around 1,500 seats for the whole library
Floor 3 and Floor 3.5
  1. Information desk
  2. Selfcheck machine
  3. Book shower
  4. Kiosk Express search
  5. Seven Groupwork rooms
  6. Print-Scopy-Scan zone
  7. Book exchange corner
  8. Chat n’ Chill corner
  9. One Multimedia room
  10. Learning commons
  11. Skylight Square
  12. Reading areas
  13. Around 1.500 seats for the whole library
Floor 4
  • Three MakerSpace rooms
  • Research space
  • Exhibition
  • Skylight Square
  • Reading areas
  • Around 1.500 seats for the whole library

Groupwork rooms

To find fully-furnished rooms for presentation, discussing in groups, conducting mini activities, Groupwork rooms on Floor 2 and Floor 3 are good choices for you. The rooms are well-equipped with movable décor tables, networked LCDs, white boards, 6-12 seats. You are advised to book the expected room via Library room booking before using. 

Cool reading zone

Book zone

OneStop service desk

Research space

Chat n’ Chill corner

Curve relaxing sofa


Self-study zone

Reading areas

The Library has a huge number of comfortable and convenient reading areas and self-study zones that accommodate users with various learning purposes. Around 1,500 seats are provided with plenty of add-on facilities as tables, diverse types of chairs, different functional sofas, sockets for your own devices and Wifi covered for the whole library.

Multimedia room

The gorgeous room located at the third floor includes 10 computers, head phones, cable LCD, compound sofa with curve table and special chairs attached. It is able to serve maximum 35 students. This room can be used for many purposes as presentation, mini event organization, cable TV watching and language learning. Please book the room at Library room booking before using.


If you would like to find a place for creative activities, curious learning and making small experiments, MakerSpace is a wonderful choice for you. Three big rooms are located on the fourth floor with the message: Learn. Create. Enlighten.

Do you need something for your needs? Yes, the rooms are well-set up and decorated with nice tables and art chairs, white boards, networked LCDs, 10-15 seats. Especially, there are colorful shelves for your groups to display your creative products that can please visitors’ sight as well as their demands for exploration. Library room booking is always available for your booking before using the rooms. 

Reading theatre

Do you love to get a feel of spending your time in a place like a cinema or theatre? All can be found on the second floor where there is a sizable place with a capacity of over 200 seats, 300 inch projector as a cinema-like screen. The reading theatre as its name can be utilized for reading, organizing big events or perhaps concerts. If you intend to use the place for an event, please register to use the theatre via this link  Library room booking.