VGU Library Regulations

In order to effectively manage library operations, and to enable open knowledge sharing and fair access to library materials, the Presidential Board has issued “Library Regulations” and “Policies of Anti-Plagiarism” for your reference. Please abide by these regulations.


  1. Opening hours:
  • Mondays – Fridays: 8:30 am – 10:00 pm
  • Saturdays: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.
  1. Always bring your ID cards with you when using the library. Do not use other users’ ones.
  2. Keep your belongings in lockers and take your valuable things with you. Return the locker key in its original position after use.
  3. Place in-house used books, newspapers and journals on the sorting shelves after reading.
  4. Circulation service:
    • Borrowing:
      Students and Administrative staff: 3 books/ week
      – PhD students and Researchers: 3 books/ 2 weeks
      – Lecturers and RTA: 3 books/ 3 weeks
      – Interns, exchange students and probationers: reading in the library and borrowing up to two books/ week
      – External users: reading in the library and borrowing up to two books/ week with the required bond
    • Renewing: 1 week for all entitled users if the books are available
    • Returning & renewing: use Selfcheck machines in the library. For renewing, please renew your borrowed books online via “Sign in” button on the website.
      Note: please check the materials carefully before borrowing and returning. If there are any problems, the penal regulations will be applied.
  1. Use the library materials and facilities with care.
  2. Keep quiet, clean and order.
  3. Smoking and foods with smell should be outside the library. Soft drinks are not encouraged.
  4. Please acknowledge the copyright and intellectual property laws. You are responsible for legal issues if you make any copyright infringements.


No. Violated actions Penalty
1 Overdue loan
  • 1-14 days: a fine of VND 5,000/book/day
  • 15 – 30 days: a fine of VND 10,000/book/day
  • Over 1 month: a fine of VND 10,000/book/day and deactivate the borrowing service.
2 Damage library materials
  • Stop the borrowing service for 1 month if the materials can be repaired
  • If the materials cannot be repaired: apply No.3 from this table
3 Lost library materials Users must pay the penal fees for the library to purchase the replaced materials. Consider two cases below:
a. If the materials are still published, the fines include:

  • Current price of the materials
  • Technical processing fee: VND 50,000
  • Shipping fee: depends on the materials

b. If the materials are no longer published, the fines include:

  • Double price of the lost materials
  • Technical processing fee: VND 50,000
  • Shipping fee: depends on the replaced materials
4 Lending library cards OR Borrowing library cards from other users Stop the borrowing service for 1 month
5 Take away library materials without borrowing or permission Stop the borrowing service for 2 months
6 Misuse and damage the library keys OR take the keys home without permission Users must pay VND 50,000 to make the new locker keys

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