📚Book sharing – Quarter 1/2024✨

Hey bookworms!

We all know the struggle of picking the perfect book while juggling our hectic schedules, right?

👉 So, let’s turn this event into the ultimate book recommendation zone! 📖 Share those titles that have blown your mind and you believe every fellow student should experience at least once during their college journey.

The Library will kick things off with our top picks, but we are counting on you, our savvy friends, to drop those must-reads in the comments! 🥰 Let’s create a killer list of books that not only help with studies but also add some spice to our student lives!

📌How to register: please fill in the FORM for your participation.

Registration period: from 20th February till 25th February 2024.

🏫The book sharing event will take place from 1:30-3:00pm on 28th February 2024 at the Library’s Reading Theatre. 

🌟Event Highlights:

  1. Book Exchange: Bring your favorite book, leave with a new adventure! Trade your treasured reads with fellow book enthusiasts and expand your literary horizons.
  2. Speed Book Dating: Connect with fellow readers in a fast-paced, fun environment. Discover potential book soulmates and leave with a new must-read companion.
  3. Interactive Book Discussions: Engage in lively discussions about your favorite books and uncover hidden literary gems. Share your insights, hear diverse perspectives, and add new titles to your reading list.
  4. Cute Gifts for Speakers: Adorable presents will be dedicated to those speakers who introduce great books to the audience on this day. 🎁💖
  5. Bookish Games & Challenges: Test your book knowledge with trivia, win literary-themed prizes, and embrace the friendly competition in our book-related challenges.
  6. Music Performance: Enjoy beautiful and dynamic melodies while sharing your passion with the book-loving community.
  7. Cozy Reading Corners: Escape the hustle and bustle with designated reading nooks. Curl up with a book, sip on some coffee or tea, and immerse yourself in the magic of storytelling.

Mark your calendars and join us for “Book Sharing – Quarter 1/2024” – where stories come to life and friendships are forged through the love of reading. 📚🌟