The LIC’s Impact on SDGs in 2022: Unveiling Noteworthy Contributions

1. Project “Performing towards the Sustainable Development Goals: Multiplying Knowledge in Vietnam Higher Education Institutions”

  • Objectives

The project aimed to promote awareness of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and university rankings. The Library-Information Center (LIC) supported this initiative by providing guidance on ranking processes, organizing training sessions for students, and proposing the integration of SDGs into skill development programs. This approach aimed to help students identify universities with sustainable practices and encouraged the broader adoption of SDGs in educational institutions and career centers, areas traditionally overlooked in Vietnam.

  • Abstract

The project, initiated in October 2021, focuses on university rankings in Vietnam, where only a few institutions have been ranked. After careful analysis, the project has chosen THE Impact Ranking as the most suitable for the Vietnamese-German University (VGU). Currently in the data collection phase, the intention is to submit the application to THE Impact in 2022. The project’s proposal, titled “Performing towards the Sustainable Development Goals: Multiplying Knowledge in Vietnam Higher Education Institutions,” plans to follow up by organizing workshops for high schools and other universities in Vietnam. These workshops aim to disseminate information widely, increase awareness about the importance of rankings, and help students make informed decisions about their future education.

  • Outcome

From August 19th to October 21st, 2022, LIC conducted four workshops at two universities: Can Tho University and Dalat University. Several other universities recognized the relevance of the workshops to their needs, and they participated online. The hybrid workshops were held during morning sessions for university staff.

Workshop outcome for university staff:

In the workshop’s first part, Ms. Jessica Wang, the Strategic Solution Manager, covered THE Impact Rankings, including methodology, trends, sustainability, reputation, and submission guidance for 2023. The session also explored data and benchmarking using THE DataPoints.

The second topic addressed challenges in joining the Impact ranking, featuring insights from ranking experts, Mr. Nguyen Duc Anh Nghi and Ms. Tran Thi Nguyet Suong. They discussed data collection, SDGs, and successful case studies, followed by a Q&A session and certificate presentation.

For Dalat University’s workshop, Dr. Sornnate from Chulalongkorn University shared their successful ranking strategies. The project aims to enhance participants’ understanding of SDGs and global rankings, with over 90% satisfaction based on survey results, contributing to the project’s goals.

Workshop at Can Tho University (for staff)

Workshop outcome for university and high school students:

On the same day as workshops at Can Tho University (19/08/23) and Da Lat University (21/10/23), we held sessions for university students titled “Performing Sustainable Development Knowledge, Sustainable Career Choice, and Global Citizenship.” The speaker shared insights on careers aligned with SDGs and being a global citizen, using interactive elements like quizzes and games for engagement.

Post-survey results showed high student satisfaction: 91.1% found the workshop helpful for their career trajectory, 93.4% gained new knowledge about Sustainable Development, and 100% were satisfied with the workshop’s quality.

Similar workshops at two high schools, Hung Vuong Gifted School and Viet Anh International High School, on 14/09/2022 covered the same themes and expanded to include “gratitude” for parents. Emotional responses from participants prompted gratitude from school Principals.

We believe the workshop’s core value, funded by SHARE, exceeded expectations.

  • Impact

The research findings indicate that most Vietnamese universities express interest in global rankings, yet their awareness of SDGs and information about university rankings is limited. Language barriers further hinder their access to THE rankings. The implemented workshops serve as a valuable opportunity for the university community to gain insights into SDGs and university rankings.

Notably, 100% of university students and young learners lack knowledge about sustainable development. Continuation of these activities will address future graduate employability issues, enabling them to formulate clear plans for a sustainable career trajectory. Understanding SDGs also equips students to adapt to the global landscape and become global citizens.

The dissemination and implementation of THE Impact Rankings and SDGs will extend to broader communities, including remote areas in Vietnam. SDGs will be integrated into university priorities and strategies, aligning with the national action plan to achieve VSDGs by 2030.

The SDG Pavilion at the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Egypt (7th to 18th November 2022) provides a platform for global experts and policymakers, including Vietnam, to discuss climate change and SDGs aligned with the 2030 Agenda and Paris Agreement. Therefore, acquiring SDGs knowledge, particularly in the context of approaching SDGs in THE Impact Rankings, is an essential component for Vietnamese Higher Education Institutions.

2. Green day 2022: Vietnam Clean-up Day 2022

Vietnam Clean-up Day 2022, organized by Actions for Climate Change and Biodiversity (ACCB), aimed to contribute to a cleaner Earth and combat climate change and biodiversity decline. ACCB, a non-profit initiative, connects communities to address these issues and accelerate progress toward Global Sustainable Development Goals, particularly focusing on SDGs 2, 13, 14, and 15.

On 03/06/2022, VGU’s GREEN Inspiration group collected 250 kilograms of waste, donated 150 kilograms of clothing, and transported normal waste to the landfill station. Recyclable waste was sent to recycling agencies, books to pagodas for distribution in remote areas, and clothes to charity organizations for highland areas and nearby pagodas.

Sorting bins, including a battery bin, were introduced on the VGU campus. E-waste collected was sent to the “Vietnam Tái Chế” (Vietnam Recycle) Agency and Vinmart for proper disposal. On the new Ben Cat campus, a donation station was established on the library ground floor to encourage regular clothing and book donations. Items collected will be sorted and given to charity organizations or pagoda staff for distribution to children in remote areas without access to these items.

3. Workshop on sustainable living

On 09/06/2022, the GREEN Inspiration group hosted a workshop on sustainable living, featuring three professional yoga instructors. The workshop, titled “Green Actions for a Healthy Lifestyle, Inspiration, and Sustainable Development,” focused on the impact of nature on everyone’s lives and highlighted issues of exploitation and pollution using soap as an example.

The participants had the opportunity to explore sustainable products and packaging. The workshop began with Dada Karmayogananda sharing ideas on healthier, simpler, and greener living. Mr. Didi Priyainjali then guided participants on staying calm, mindful, and healthy. The An Ban group demonstrated connecting with nature through mindful breathing, eating, and walking. The session concluded with participants creating quality soap themselves.

The group’s representative offered tips on reducing garbage, packaging, and chemicals in daily life. Providing students with soap made during the workshop aimed to reinforce lessons and associate sustainability with positivity rather than deprivation.

Please click the link to read more information: Sustainability Report 2022