Capturing the Moments: Highlights from Book Fair & Book Sharing 2023

In the Orientation Week, VGU Library opened Book Fair (18-22 Sept) that brought many attractive activities for participants. Apart from Book Fair, many hearts were touched by an inspiring book sharing on 18 Sept by a Vietnamese-German writer Isabelle Müller who turns pain into hope, power and positivity.

1. Book sharing: The Phoenix Daughter

At 11:00 am on September 18, 2023, students from Vietnamese-German University had the opportunity to meet and listen to Isabelle Muller‘s sharing about her second memoir book Phoenix Daughter – Hope Was My Way (Vietnamese translated published book “Con Gái của Chim Phượng Hoàng: Hy Vọng Là Con Đường của Tôi”) which is a reflection of transformation of suffering into happiness and power.

This is a precious opportunity for book-loving readers to ask questions related to the author, her books, and the charity fund she has established. Isabelle Muller received empathy from young readers while they received positive energy and a great motivation to overcome difficulties. She also extended her best wishes to the new students. The sharing session was very successful, and both the author and the participants had memorable and valuable moments.

The Phoenix Daughter is a moving story about the power of the human spirit. Isabelle Müller overcame the hardships and suffering of her past to become a successful and happy woman. The book is an inspiration to all those who are facing difficulties in life.

Readers’ Reviews

  • “The book is very moving and inspiring. Isabelle Müller is a strong and resilient woman. She overcame the hardships and suffering of her past to become a successful and happy woman. The book is an inspiration to all those who are facing difficulties in life.”
  • “The book is very honest and moving. Isabelle Müller told her story in a frank and unflinching way. The book is a reminder of the power of the human spirit and hope.”
  • “The book is a must-read. It is a moving story about resilience and overcoming oneself.”

If you are looking for an inspiring book, The Phoenix Daughter is a great choice. A part of her books sold is donated to her LOAN Stiftung that supports disadvantaged children for their education in Vietnam from 2016 until now. Her dedicated work for Vietnamese children has been filmed touchingly on VTV4. Currently, this book is available for sale on the second floor of VGU Library. So please come and get one if you can.

2. Outstanding activities at Book Fair 2023

  • Surfing and shopping from booths of Books, Stationary, Handicraft products, Cute succulents, VGU Souvenirs and Merchandise, Club Fair booths, etc.
  • Nice music performance 
  • Gorgeous gifts for games
  • Lucky draw for everyone who made purchases at the booths during the Book Fair.

3. Book Exchange Corner and Donation

Receiving a number of books donated by FABICO – Binh Dương Bookstore, XUNHASABA và CDIMEX book providers, as well as exchanged books from Vietnamese-German University staff and students, on behalf of the University, VGU Library would like to extend profound gratitude to the three bookstores as well as express appreciation to VGU students and staff who have contributed to enriching our ‘treasure trove of knowledge’.

This is conducted with the desire to reinforce the reading culture and knowledge sharing in the school and communities. In addition, the Library will continue to make efforts to find more useful books for book lovers as well as providing the professional consultancy for the school to build up a new library and supporting other schools in demand in the district as well.