Market Analysis Tools Portal

The International Trade Centre has developed a suite of online tools to make global trade more transparent and to facilitate access to markets. These tools enable business actors to identify export and import opportunities, compare market-access requirements, monitor national trade performance and make well-informed trade decisions.

The Market Analysis Tools suite covers the world’s largest databases on trade statistics, tariff data, and rules of origin related to applicable free trade agreements. Additional tools offer export potential estimations, market price information, regional trade and investment data and much more.

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  • Link for access: Market Analysis Tools Portal
  • Account for access ICT Tools: Please register from the Market Analysis Tools Portal to have your own account or use the library shared account sent to your emails to access the following ICT Market Tools:
  1. Trade Map, (trade statistics) to use indicators on export performance, to see international demand as well as exporting companies’ details, to identify alternative markets.
  2. Market Access Map,, (tariffs) for analysing market access conditions worldwide, including applied and bound tariff rates, trade agreements and non-tariff measures.
  3. Export Potential Map,, based on ITC trade potential and diversification assessment methodology, to see products, markets and suppliers with untapped trade potential.
  4. Market Price Information,, is an online tool to track most recent market price information from multiple sources and geographic areas. It provides daily or weekly prices and market news for more than 300 agricultural products.
  5. Investment Map,, to see the sector breakdown of foreign direct investment and foreign affiliates’ information to support investment attraction strategies.
  6. Sustainability Map,, to analyse and compare voluntary standards promoting sustainable development applied to the production and trade of goods and services.
  7. Procurement Map,, to see detailed information over 150 000 public tenders. This tool offers a route to foster entrepreneurship and to seek new market opportunities.
  8. Rules of Origin Facilitator,, to see in a single gateway: trade agreements, duty rates, preferential and non-preferential rules of origin, origin certificates and customs procedures.