Closing time for Moving to New Library and Instant service support

Dear VGUers,

We are preparing to move to the New Library in the new VGU campus. Therefore, we would like to inform you about the Library closing time at this stage for your convenience and arrangement, as follows:

Closing time25 July to 19 August, 2022 (at this time, the Library can not provide the space for your study. However, for urgent cases, we are able to provide you with the free Book Delivery Service for printed books, but the ebook provision is prioritised).

No overdue charge until the end of September, 2022. We have set up the closing time on the system so that you have longer time for book borrowing (until the end of Sept.). If we really need the textbooks back for other students’ turn, we will directly call you to return the books.

Book borrowing: please arrange your time to visit the library to borrow the books for your summer study and reading. If you plan to borrow more than 3 books, please contact the library staff to add more books for you – up to 4 to 5 books (the selfcheck machine only accepts 3 books max due to the policy setting).

Re-opening in the New Library: 15 Sept 2022 (if you have the summer semester at B9 at the old campus, please use the study rooms at B9 as we will not have the facilities for the old Library anymore, yet we have the new space for your study at the New Library).

Online and remote support during the transition time: The online and remote service support are still available to support you upon request, please contact us when you have any inquiries.

Thank you and Wish you a happy summer and study!

Warm regards from VGU Library

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