Clear cookies on Google Chrome to fix the login issue on

When using the (VGU Research Repository), sometimes you will be forced to login multiple times for downloading documents. The tips bellow can help you to fix that issue on Google Chrome.

  1. At the top right corner of Google Chrome, click on More  then select ->Setting
  2. The setting page is displayed like the screenshot bellow. Select Privacy and security on the left block and then choose Cookies and other site data on the right.

3. The cookies and site data is displayed, type on the search box at the top right. The cookie of epub page is displayed, we need to click on the recycle bin icon like the screenshot bellow to remove the cookies of

4. The final step is to restart the Google Chrome and go to to download materials.

These are steps can help you clean a website cookies on Google Chrome. Please contact us if you have any issues when accessing the online materials.