Book reservation – HOLD

When searching for a book, if it is unavailable, users can reserve that book to borrow. They should follow the instruction to reserve the book. When the book is available, the library will inform users via email or SMS to come to the library to pick up the book. 

Please see the guide for how to Hold the book: How to use e-Services on VGU Library system

Borrowing – Renewing – Return on Self-check machine

The library provides borrowing-returning and renewing services that enable students to choose their desired books and check out from the library. The Self-check machines are always available for the Floor 2 and 3 for you to check out the books and renew your borrowed books. If you have any issues of borrowing and renewing, and finding the expected materials, please contact the library staff for further support. In brief, the most convenient ways for checkout and renewing are as follows:

Book drop return 24/7

Book Return Machine to help you return your borrowed materials without any hassle. You can return your books at any time as the station is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To return the books, keep them closed and place them one by one onto the platform. The book will be accepted when the light turns green. Continue to do this for every book. You do not need to scan your ID when returning the books.

Please see the VGU Library policies when returning the books. 


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