The book collection contains a well-selected and high quality list of books covering all Vietnamese-German University (VGU) study programs. The subject coverage of the materials is able to meet users’ demands, inclusive of economics and engineering. Languages of books are mainly written in English and a small section in German. Especially, there is a collection of books for students to improve their language skills and obtain the language requirements at VGU, in both English and German. Users can choose in-house use of books or books for lending to read at home.

For book lending policies, it is specified in the Library Regulations via this link.

Audio-Visual collections

At Vietnamese-German University, all Bachelor program students are required to attend Foundation Year which is a one year obligatory preparation course. The goal of the program is to improve students’ capacities of languages, course knowledge and other skills. Therefore, the library develops audio-visual collections to tailor the needs for these areas, especially English and German languages. The collections include books accompanied with CDs or DVDs to help students advance their languages for achieving the required IELTS scores and to be well prepared to participate in an international Bachelor program.

Course reserves

What are Course Reserves?

Course Reserves is a library service offered to faculties and instructors to make materials available to their students for a specific academic course or other use. To ensure that Course Reserves materials are available to students by the first day of term, we recommend submitting the list of materials for Course Reserves at least 2 months before the start of the semester. 

Materials for Course Reserves: reserved items may include books, lecture notes, articles, multimedia resources, and other course-related materials. 

To search for the Course, Instructors and Course Books/Materials, please visit Course Reserves page.