What is Book Exchange Corner?

It is a corner in VGU library where you can donate your well-used and pre-loved books for others to borrow. You can also browse through a wide range of donated books for your entertainment. This is a big part of our initiative to reuse books and inspire a reading culture within our community. Please visit the library to check out this beautiful corner.

How to donate books to the library Book Exchange Corner?

If you have used books that are in a good condition, please contact the library staff to donate to the Book Exchange Corner. Be sure to keep your books organized on the shelf.

You can also borrow up to 3 books. Every book in the Book Exchange Corner has previously been read and cherished by another reader. Remember to return the books during your next visit.

Besides, as its name, if you have used good books and would love to exchange, please feel free to exchange your books with the books at this Corner. 

Contact us to have your inquiries before bringing your books to the library:

Benefits of reusing the used books

  • By donating or exchanging your used books, others can read new books without the need to buy them.
  • As a community, we will learn the habit of sharing and caring for the environment.
  • You’ll clear space in your home. Instead of keeping things that you no longer use, you can now find a new place for some of your used items.

You can even recycle your used ink & toner cartridges using Battery Recycle Bin on the Ground Floor. There are many ways that you can contribute to our environment.

Thank you for taking part in our book exchanges.