Date: 2020-11-25

Print-Copy-Scan Services Upgrade


From now on, we provide you with new Printers for convenient use and management.

There are steps to start using the printers:

1. Connect with VGU network and account

2. Create your own PIN

3. Please see the library staff to add credit into your account balance before printing/copying (the required minimum amount is 50,000VND per transaction)

** Price for the services:

  • Print/Copy with A4: 500VND/page
  • Print/Copy with A3: 1,000VND/page
  • Color Print/Copy with A4: 2,500VND/page (Please consider the environment and fees before using this kind of Print/Copy. Please contact the library staff for help when needed)
  • Scan: Free of charge

Please see the attached guide for your information, or the link for guides from the library website.

VGU Library