The library is the core hub of the University that reinforce learning, teaching and research capacities and is an integral part in the institution’s strategic plan to enable the University in striving to be a research based university. The library provides effective access to high quality information resources of all kinds, modern facilities and client focused services that support independent and lifelong learning of the users at the University and the other wider communities. The library has well-trained staff who have extensive experience and expertise in providing academic, supportive and friendly study environment, and being proactive to deliver best services to meet all users’ needs.

Library core values

  • We are committed to create a safe, supportive and friendly study environment
  • We are active, expertised and innovative to provide the best services to users
  • We promote open and collaborative studying and working environment
  • We are committed to delivering reliable and quality information resources and services that meet all users’ needs.


Organizational chart


  • Library director

Nguyen Thi Kim Tri. Email: tri.ntk@vgu.edu.vn. Tel: (0274) 222 0990 - 142

  • Librarian

Hoang Thi Hang. Email: hang.ht@vgu.edu.vn. Tel: (0274) 222 0990 - 142

  • IT Service Technician

Nguyen Van Tam. Email: tam.nv@vgu.edu.vn. Tel: (0274) 222 0990 - 142

  • Scholarly and Communication Staff

Bui Thi Tam Thu. Email: thu.btt@vgu.edu.vn. Tel: (0274) 222 0990 - 142