1.  Does the library open at weekends? 

No. The library opens from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm

2. How many books can I borrow each time and for how long?

Undergraduates: 3 books for 1 week.  Graduates: 3 books for 2 weeks and all can renew for another week if the items are not in high demand.

3. Can I check out newspapers, journals and CDs/DVDs?

Yes. You can borrow and use them at home.

4. Can I eat and drink in the library?

You can drink and eat odorless food (cake, cookies, fruits) in the library

5. Can I bring my own bag to the library?

No, you cannot. You should send your bag to the lockers. Yet, please remember to keep your valuable belongings with you.

6. Are there wifi and power in the library for users to use laptops?

Yes, there are.

7 .Is there any regulation rule for clothing in the library?

No. You can wear clothing as what you wear when going to the University, but please dress properly.

8. What should I do when losing the library cards?

You should contact the library staff to deactivate your card until the new card is issued.

  Finding information

9. How can I find the book I want?

You should search the book from the Library searching system

to locate the number of the book you want. Eg: 428.34/J516



10. Where can I renew the borrowed books?

You can renew the books that you are borrowing via the library website, it is the Library searching system.

Or: you can see the library staff to renew them.

11.  Where can I find theses?

You can find theses at the library or online via DSpace Digital Collection

12. Are printers and copiers available in the library?

No, they are not.

13. I would like to know how to find materials and information online, and get citation skills. What should I do?

You should register Information Literacy classes online via the library website or contact the staff at Information Desk to attend these classes.